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The secret to pulling off a dark exterior

Black is the new black, especially when it comes to exteriors, according to the trend study. How to achieve the look is shown here.


The correct windows and doors are essential for pulling off a dark exterior. Whether you choose contrast or monochromatic, you want to make decisions that result in a unified style. We'll assist you in beginning!

Who wears it well?

The time-honored neutral black and its array of gloomy opposites go well with a variety of architectural types, including modern, farmhouse, and designs in between. The fact that all these tones are pretty much empty canvases is what unites them, which is why windows and doors play such a crucial role.

There are many benefits to having a dark exterior. They not only have beautiful aesthetic qualities, but they can also blend in with any architectural design. They are even capable of deceiving the eye by hiding unattractive architectural characteristics.

Selecting your shade

When deciding on an exterior color, take your time. There are various methods to create this refined aesthetic if true black doesn't feel like you. For instance, dark navy is still bold but arguably cozier and more recognizable. 

You should also think about the subtle differences between these deep tones, especially how they will change with time.

  • Black will more readily absorb dirt and dust and eventually turn grey as it ages.

  • Deep navy frequently ages to a truer shade of blue.

  • Additionally, as time passes, some green-gray tones may drift towards khaki.

Going monochrome

Choose dark bronze or black window frames and exterior trim to maintain a harmonious look. The gloomy exterior's moodiness is heightened by the color harmony. It can also make things calm so that nature can take the stage. Additionally, if you choose black for the interior, your windows will define and frame your outdoor views like a work of art.

Will it fade?

If you’re wondering whether dark exteriors are just a fad, we’re here to tell you black houses are actually a historic trend. From Scandinavia to Japan to the original 13 colonies — black homes have been around for a long time. So don’t worry about this choice making your home look dated in a few years — it's classic all around the world! Besides, windows are much longer lasting than exterior paint, which is just one more reason to take your time selecting the perfect windows.

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